Option 1: Take the Challenge

Taking part in the challenge is super easy!

The first thing to decide is what sort of silence you want to do:

No Talking

No Talking

No Talking

No Social Media

No Talking

No Phone

No Talking

No Email

No Talking

No Something Else

You also need to decide how long you plan on going silent for. Most people do 24, 48 or 72 hours, but you can choose as short or as long as you want.

Follow the button below to set up your fundraising profile - it only takes a minute.


Once you've created your profile, check out the resources at the bottom of the page that will help let everyone know that you're going silent!

Option 2: Donate

If you still want to support mental health initiatives without going silent, that's no worries at all!

Feel free to click that little button below that will take you to the donation portal where you or your organisation can make a fully tax-deductible donation.

Every single penny makes a huge difference, so even a $5 donation goes a long way


All funds raised go to Spur Projects:

Spur Projects

Spur Projects is an Aussie not-profit-organisation committed to making it an easier option for men to take positive action than to suicide.
Spur Projects is an all volunteer organisation, so you can rest assured that your donation is going to directly fund mental health campaigns.

Option 3: Be an Advocate

Don't have the capacity to take part in the challenge, nor the spare change to donate?

There are lots of other ways to support the project!

The greatest thing you can do to help is spread the word: Tell your friends, tell your family, encourage others to participate or share Joe's story with the world!

Feel free to jump to the resources section below which includes a whole heap of things you can use to help spread the word.


GSGH - Merchandise

Make it easy for people to understand why you're silent with merchandise that says "Hi, I'm Silent!" available from Red Bubble.

There are t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, notebooks and a whole range of other goodies!

GSGH - Cards

Cards that you can print and hand out to people if they're wondering why you're not talking.

(Take it from us, this makes life a LOT easier).

GSGH - Profile Picture

A profile image you can use for any social media.

GSGH - Facebook Banner

A perfectly sized Facebook banner image.

If you're after any bespoke resources, please get in touch!